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               My name is Timmy Higgins and I am the School Liaison at Vance AFB.  During my Air Force career, I had to navigate the challenges of transitioning schools for my daughter so I understand the stress a PCS can put on your family. 


                My goal is to support you in whatever education choices best fit your family and want to provide you information on homeschooling, private school, and public school options with this email. There are a few homeschool options in Enid. First, there is HOPE (Homeschool Outreach program of Enid), a co-op style program offering a range of extracurricular classes, but they comes with fees. Second, there is the Classical Conversations program, which meets on Tuesdays at a local church.  If interested, contact the Director, Jennifer Fletcher at jennifer.fletcher05@gmail.com for more information. Third, there are a few Facebook pages (Vance AFB Homeschoolers and Enid Area Homeschoolers) that unite all local homeschoolers in the local area and help plan and coordinate field trips or activities. If you choose to homeschool your child, state guidelines for homeschooling can be found at:  https://sde.ok.gov/home-school.


The public school district closest to Vance AFB is Enid Public Schools (EPS). EPS has 11 Elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 High school, 2 Early Childhood Centers, and Lincoln Academy which is an alternative school.  EPS has an enrollment of ~7,700 children from Enid and the surrounding area.  Vance AFB housing area has one elementary school that offers grades PreK-5th. You will enroll your school age children online or in-person at the Welcome Center in downtown Enid (not at your local school). The link for EPS is www.enidpublicschools.org.   If you live on base, Eisenhower (Pre-K-5) is the elementary school choice and Emerson is the middle school choice, although you may submit an open-enrollment transfer request to change schools based on availability.  If you are accepted in a school outside your district you will be responsible for transportation to and from school.  Your older children will attend Enid High and a bus transports from Emerson and Enid High, to and from Vance. Keep in mind that Eisenhower on base is a very small school and fills up fast. If that happens EPS will place your child in another school (typically Hayes ES).


HOWEVER, as of JANUARY 1, 2022 military children are allowed to transfer to any district and must be accepted.  Parents who elect this option will be responsible for their own transportation. 


             The other schools that many Vance AFB students attend in the area is Chisholm School District (about 8 miles away), www.chisholm.k12.ok.us, located in North Enid. Chisholm has an elementary, middle, and high school. Chisholm School District requires students live in the same district as the school, but you may submit a transfer request.  There are a number of smaller school districts that are a short commute to Vance as well, some of the closer ones are:


DISTRICT                              Distance (miles)

Waukomis                               7.6

Drummond                              12.4

Cimarron (Lahoma)                12.9

Pioneer-Pleasant Vale             13.1

Hillsdale                                  16.8

Kremlin                                   16.8

Hennessey                               18.6

Douglas                                   22.3

Garber                                     23

Pond Creek                             27


Enid also has private, and parochial schools to choose from:


St. Paul Lutheran                                PreK-5

St. Joseph Catholic                             PreK-5

Emmanuel Christian School               PreK-5

Hillsdale Christian School                  PreK-8th

Oklahoma Bible Academy                 6th-12th


Oklahoma has a unique scholarship for private and parochial schools for students who were/are on an IEP/ISP or were former juvenile affairs or foster program children.  The scholarships vary depending on the circumstances of the child but may be enough to cover the full cost of private/parochial school tuition.  Info can be found at https://sde.ok.gov/lindsey-nicole-henry-lnh-scholarship-program-children-disabilities


Additionally, Vance AFB offers child care options for ages infant through 18.


School Age Care (SAC) (5-12 yrs.)- Vance School Age Care (offers before school, after school, school holidays, and summer care Monday through Friday and is located across from the base pool. Vance SAC is an accredited program by the Council on Accreditation. All programs are designed to enrich your child's social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development. Our staff works in partnership with parents to meet each individual child's needs in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment.


The Teen Center (TC) provides youth ages 13 through 18 a safe and exciting place to go after school. It is affiliated with the Boys & Girls Club of America and offers many of the BGCA programs, as well as Air Force programs too. Programs such as the Cooking Club, Photography Club, Robotics, the Keystone Club which includes Leadership skills, College Trips and Community Service. Also, a recreation area with pool, pool table, gaming room, art room and study room.


Open Recreation is a transitional program between the SAC and TC.  It is housed from the TC but developed for younger youth ages 9-12 years who can visit the TC daily for the first few hours.  


Youth Sponsorship Program: Request if your youth would enjoy a tour of Youth Programs from another youth call (580) 213-7166.


The Vance CDC contact info is 0630-1730.  Comm: 580-213-7310. DSN: 448-7310

School Age Care contact info is Comm: 580-213-7474. DSN: 448-7474

The Teen Center contact info is Comm: 580-213-7166. DSN: 448-7166


Additionally, the Vance AFB school liaison Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/436714514316961


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any question you may have, I am here to serve you and your family.

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