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We can help you with taxes, pay and allotment issues on the “MYPAY” and the Thrift Saving Plan (TSP) systems. 


We also will be working to let you know what is going on at Vance. Let me know what info you want us to cover in FUTURE NEWS letters. Please contact us at (580) 213-7859 or send us an e-mail at:


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We welcome MORE team members to the RAO. Contact us at 213-7859 if you are interested in helping other retirees or working as a volunteer at some on base location.


E-MAIL ADDRESS NEEDED: You can pass us your e-mail address either by phone (580)-213-7859 or send us an e-mail to


REMINDER-DD 214: Be sure you and your family know where to find your DD 214; they will need it to get additional Social Security Veteran credit, VA marker and Honor Guard at a Funeral.


ID CARD ISSUE: Operating hours are NOW Monday thru Friday 9:00AM-3:00PM for walk-in service. 


ID CARD EXP DATE: When you or spouse are approaching age 65—note FRONT probably has INDEF or a date BUT on the back of your ID card the expiration date is the month before your 65th birthday- you need to get a new CARD. Further, you should also register for Medicare at the Social Security Office as that will become your primary insurance unless you have additional insurance.


VA GRAVE MARKER MEDALLION: How to Obtain: A Grave Marker Medallion, for Veterans who died on or after November 1, 1990, is furnished upon receipt of claim for affixing to an existing privately-purchased headstone or marker placed at the gravesite of an eligible deceased Veteran who is buried in a private cemetery. The medallion is made of bronze and available in three sizes: Large, Medium, Small. Each medallion is inscribed with the word VETERAN across the top and the Branch of Service at the bottom. Eligible Veterans may receive a Government furnished headstone or marker, or a medallion, but not both. If requesting a headstone or marker, use the VA Form 40-1330.


RETIREES--USE YOUR BENEFITS: Take advantage and use the Commissary, BX, Services Facilities like fitness center, bowling alley, club, arts and crafts—OR WE WILL LOSE THEM.
Your RAO Staff
George Pankonin - Director
Steve Long - Tax Advisor
Greg Butterfield
Gordon Denton
Jim Faulkner
Steve Griffith
Buddy Simpson

David Turner - American Legion Vet Service Officer

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