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Vance AFB Talon Inst PDC or

Professional Development Center

The Professional Development program exists to assist Airmen with the process of further developing their careers and professional life by offering a myriad of different services to Vance AFB personnel.

Career Assistance Advisor

The CAA works as the principal advisor to commanders and supervisors on different force management and professional enhancement initiatives while at the same time providing advice and support in the form of career counseling.

Additionally, the CAA works in conjunction with the First Term Airman Center program to provide advice to Airmen on their career progression and planning and conducts various seminars and lessons on everything from Orientation for new Airmen, continuing to develop and reinforce lessons learned in BMTS and technical training to aid in a successful transition, and even NCO/SNCO Professional Enhancement Courses.

Career Enhancement Programs

·  Informed Decision seminars

·  NCO/SNCO Professional Enhancement Courses

·  Individual Career Counseling Sessions

·  Enlisted Professional Development Programs​

Airman Leadership School

·  5 week program designed to develop effective front-line supervisors

·  First PME course for Enlisted Airman

·  Focus on developing leadership qualities, the profession of arms and effective communication  ·  Available to SrA with 48 months time in service or a promotion line number for SSgt

·  Member must have a current passing fitness score and at least six month retainability following the projected class graduation date.     


Classes Offered (definitions) 


The First Term Airman Course is a mandated course that provides a structured first duty section professional development program, designed to transition Airmen from a training mindset to the mission orientated environment.


Informed Decision:

The Informed Decision Briefing is a mandatory brief per AFI 36-2624 for First Term Airman and Second Term Airman who are within 12 to 15 months of their DOS. This is not a pre-separation or retention briefing.

Enhancing Human Capitol:

Theory behind Enhancing Human Capitol:   At the heart of leadership there is a need for improved critical thinkers and effective communicators. Understanding why humans make decisions and how perceptions drive decision is a vital requirement for leaders. Understanding the human phenomenon is fundamentally important to the development of effective leaders who must not only understand how and why humans do what they do but also how to establish environments of trust. Trust allows leaders to influence, and influence can shape perceptions.  Effective communication is not just about how to present a brief; it must be a deliberate and intentional effort. The way information is presented will determine our perception; how we communicate information to others can affect how the message is received and understood. Communication as taught in this presentation is about building effective relationships.

21 IQ o L:

“What makes people want to follow a leader?  Why do people reluctantly comply with one leader while passionately following another to the ends of the earth? What separates leadership theorists from successful leaders who lead effectively in the real world?  The answer lies in the charter QUALITIES of the individual person.  -John C. Maxwell, “21 Indisputable Qualities of a Leader”


Public Speaking Workshop:

The first day focuses on successful briefings, preparing for a briefing, visual aids/props, and speaking to diverse audiences.  The second and third day will cover Behavioral Skills (i.e. eye communication, posture, voice, language etc.) The workshop is supplemented with, videos, worksheets and lots of exercises.

Frontline Supervisor PE Seminar:

The FS PES is a course geared toward military and civilian supervisors to gain valuable information, skills and or tools that will enable them to effectively lead, mentor and guide their supervisees.

NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar:

The NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar is a course designed for noncommissioned officers who completed airman leadership school and who have not yet attended the noncommissioned officer academy. However, it is open to any noncommissioned officer. Mandatory focus areas will include deliberate development curriculum and emerging topics.

SNCO Professional Enhancement Seminar:

The SNCO PES is designed to provide SNCOs with an in-depth view of their increased supervisory, leadership, and managerial responsibilities.

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