Plains Pool


The Plains Pool

The main pool is now open!!

Passes available at the Fitness Center 580-213-7670

The Plains Pool is managed by the Fitness Center staff and is open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend each year.

TDY Personnel:  There is no charge for swimming for TDY personnel assigned to the base for less than 30 days.  Personnel must present TDY orders when entering the pool.


Services Club Card:  Services Club Card holders can present their cards to receive 10% off season passes and may also swim for free on Sundays.



An authorized pool user is permitted to bring no more than two guests, except in the case of bonafide house guests.  All guests must be accompanied by their sponsor. The sponsor must remain with their guests at the pool complex throughout their guests’ stay.


Wading Pool

The Plains Pool has a wading pool for children six years of age and under. This is no charge for children 6 year of age and younger. Children must be accompanied by and under close observation and supervision of an adult at all times while in the area. Please secure the gate upon entering or leaving the wading pool area. Please use the steps when entering the pool for safety. The wading pool and main pool are closed for general use during swim lessons.


Pool Parties (Non-Private and Private) are available


Bldg 304


Pool Passes:

Fitness Center

Bldg 313


  • Season Pass                  Single  (I.D. card holder)                                $35.00

  • Season Pass                  Family (I.D. card holder)       

    • 2 person family                                                                               $60.00

    • 3 person family                                                                               $80.00

    • Each additional family member                                                      $10.00

  • 5 Day Punch Pass         Authorized Patron (I.D. card holder)               $10.00

  • 10 Day Punch Pass       Authorized Patron (I.D. card holder)               $20.00  

  • 15 Day Punch Pass       Authorized Patron (I.D. card holder)               $30.00

  • Daily Pass                    Authorized Patron (I.D. card holder)                 $3.00

  • Daily Pass                    Sponsored Guest                                             $3.00

  • Swimming Lessons      Authorized Patron (I.D. card holder)                 $45.00

Fees & Charges

No refunds or pro-rated fees allowed. Passes may be purchased at the Fitness Center, Bldg. 316, during normal duty hours with a valid I.D. There is no charge for children 6 years or younger. There is no charge for Lap swimming. Sunbathers not wanting to get in the pool must still pay normal entry fee. Fitness Center / Bldg 316 / 213-7670.​​

What you can expect (COVID-19 Precautions):

  • Patrons need to call ahead for reservations (213-7638)

  • Capacity will be limited (Head count at the door)

  • Chairs/tables will fulfill social distancing requirements per family/singles units

  • No swim lessons or private parties at this time

  • Chairs/tables will be spray washed/disinfected in between family units/singles reservations


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