Movie Theater


The FREE Movie Theater is closed until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

The Vance Free Theater is located in the auditorium of the Professional Development Center. Our theater shows new movies every Friday and Saturday for FREE. The movies shown are ones that have been in theaters for four weeks but are still a ways from being available to rent or buy.

Enjoy a free movie in comfortable theater seating on a brand new HD screen and surround sound system.

Hungry? Enjoy a full concession stand including popcorn, candy, soft drink, and adult beverages.

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Location & Showtimes

Bldg. 455

Thompson Ave.

Vance AFB, OK 73705


Friday: 1900 (G/PG/PG13/R)

Saturday: 1430 (G/PG/PG-13)

                1630 (G/PG/PG13/R)

                1900 (PG/PG13/R)

Sunday: 1430 (G/PG/PG-13/R)


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246 Brown Parkway,

Bldg 500, Suite 225

Vance AFB, OK