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(580) 213-6330 | BUILDING 314
MONDAY-Thursday 0730-1630
FRIDAY 0930-1630


The Military & Family Readiness Center assists Total Force Airmen, Army, Navy, Marine, Guard and Reservists, DoD Civilians, Retirees and their families on a wide range of work and family issues.


The Military & Family Readiness Center provides valuable information about military life, ongoing educational assistance, community services, and offers support services for Airmen and their families.  Services are provided through in-depth one-on-one meetings with our customers, as well as through various classes and support events.  We pride ourselves on being “The Answer People”, so we are happy to help find answers to any questions you may have.​

  • Personal Financial Readiness

  • Spouse Employment & Education 

  • Deployment Support

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Voter Assistance


Implements strategies to deploy mission-ready Airmen world wide while supporting their families globally, the “heartbeat” of the M&FRC.

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