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Golf Driving Range is open 24/7, except from Tuesdays at 1300 - Wednesdays at 1300 for scheduled maintenance.  A timer for lights are located on the side of the building along with a covered patio and a picnic table.  Along the tee area, several park benches are available for seating.  Tokens ($1 a token = @10 balls) and club rentals ($3.50 per day) are available at Outdoor Recreation located at 273 Scott Road  Building 244 Dock 4 Enid, OK 73705.  Large target markers are pre-arranged at 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 yards as well as target greens at 100 and 150 yards.  A putting green is available for use as well.


Hours & Contact

Fox Drive

Bldg. 236


Open 24/7