Civilian Training
Civilian training needs can be addressed through out training section with our civilian training manager. supervisor training course and new employee orientation course under. 


AF Cool - Step by Step Process

Step 1 - Search AFSC Related Credentials

  • Login to your AFVEC account and find the AF COOL Homepage link at the top of the screen

  • Navigate to the AF COOL Homepage and once there, select the “Search AFSC Related Credentials” box and your AFSC specific credentials that you are eligible for will be listed

  • Select the credential you wish to pursue through the AF COOL program (Note: You can sort the credentials via funding method, i.e., AF COOL, GI Bill, etc)

Step 2 - Create Education Goal

  • Select the credential that best suits your career progression needs. Create your education goal by clicking on the icon that is listed on the top right of the goal you are seeking;

  • Once you have selected the credential of your choosing, an email will be sent to your supervisor to validate your eligibility criteria for the selected credential. While your supervisor is reviewing your credential request, please complete step 3 to assist us in processing your funding request, which will be accomplished in step 4.


Step 3 - Upload Supporting Documentation

  • It is the member’s responsibility to research the requirements for the credential - not AF COOL. Review the credential summary and eligibility requirements to ensure you meet any pre-requisites prior to selection. Review the exam(s) necessary to complete the credential. Review the credentialing agency’s homepage and the resources page to locate program information (i.e., pre-requisite details, testing centers, and pricing details) and any requirements the credentialing agency may need prior to payment (i.e., application process). Ensure you upload any required supporting documentation.


Step 4 - Start a Funding Request

  • In your AFVEC account, go to the bottom box on the right side of the home screen and click “Start a Funding Request”. Follow the prompts to complete the funding request application. You will need the following information from the credential web site and/or the invoice you obtained in Step 3 Exam Center, Cost of Exam, and Testing Window.

  • Once you complete the funding request, an email will be sent to your supervisor who will review the request and approve or disapprove it. You will be notified via email once this action is completed.



  • Once the supervisor approves your funding request, it is then electronically routed to the AF COOL office which will make the payment on your behalf.



  • Take the exam(s) and follow up with the AF COOL CPO to report your scores and close out your educational goal. Send a copy of your exam results and/or Certificate of Completion to after you have tested.

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