Base Training
Base training needs will go through the base training manager out of the training office for active duty. Responsible for making sure that all of the enlisted personnel stationed at Vance AFB have their Career Field Education and Training plans (CFETP) in place and on file. 

Additionally, Base training ensures that all members of the enlisted force are receiving the proper training that they need in order to do their job effectively. Base Training will assist you in scheduling any CDC exams that you need and will ensure that you are prepared not only to test but also to succeed. 

Base Training also serves as a liaison between the Commanders and the airmen who are receiving the training. That way all Commanders are aware of the progress of training for the airmen under their command. 

For any supervisors who need to take the Air Force Supervisor Training Course please contact MSgt Sealy in order to enroll in the course which will provide supervisors new and old with the skills they need to document and counsel the members of the team that they are supervising. 

Hours & Contact

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Fax: 580-213-6435

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