The Arts & Crafts Center is the home for the Custom Engraving Shop, Custom Sublimation Shop, and Custom Frame Shop. Visit Bldg. #305 to learn more. All active duty, retired, reservists, DoD civilian employees, base contractors, and family members are welcome to use the Arts and Crafts Center.


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Arts & Crafts upcoming classes:


April 30th - Watercolor and black ink

May 10- Tie Dye

May 28- Acrylic Pour

June 25- Patriotic Fringe Flag

July 13 Summer Wood Sign

July 23- Adult Coloring

Hours & Contact

306 McAffrey Ave.

Bldg 305



10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

closed 12/25 – 01/04, reopening 01/05/2021

Note:  YouTube VIDEOS and FB will not load on Military Networks.